Thursday, March 26, 2009

celebrate this: beer tasting party -- invitations

sure, everyone's had beer before. but have you every really tasted it? beer tasting is a rewarding, fun and educational experience. so why not host a beer tasting party for a few of your friends? the invitations are the first step in this party planning series. read on to see how i created the invites.

first, pick a date and time and create your guest list. about 6-10 people is a good number for an intimate beer tasting.
then, choose a picture for your invitation. i found this one on flickr's creative commons here. i placed this image inside a text box in microsoft word. i changed the background of the text box to orange, you can use any colour that goes well with your chosen picture.
next, i left-aligned my text and, using the font 'Cooper', i typed out my invitation. for the headings i used 'Cooper' and for the information i used 'Calibri'. choose a font that reflects your picture and colour, these are fairly standard.
for my party, i decided my offering of beer would be a local bunch. you can create any theme such as beers from around the world or beers you have never tasted before.
don't forget the RSVP line!
stay tuned for more info on the beer tasting party!


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