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sitting down with... makeupbyjill

Jill Reid

Jill Reid of makeupbyjill is my younger sister. I've blogged about her before when she did makeup for the POGO Gala last month in Toronto. Since makeup is a hugely important part of many celebrations, I asked her to be a part of my sitting down with... series to get the inside scoop on life as an up-and-coming makeup artist.

How did you start your business?
I took an interest in makeup after my prom make-up didn't go so well. It wasn't badly done, just didn't match my color. Then my friend Taylor asked me to be a model for her make-up class, and after watching her do it, I thought... 'hey, I want to do this too!'. Since then, I've just been improving my skills, and getting my name out there!

How would you describe your work?
Well first, I am a perfectionist! I would never let any of my clients leave the chair in some ridiculous, garish make-up (unless of course it was what they asked for). I'm a huge fan of the natural look, so I always try to make at least the face make-up look as natural, yet flawless, as possible... the eyes you can go a little bit crazier with, because they are the attention getters! I am all over the place when I do make-up, sometimes I'll start with eyes, sometimes I'll start with the face, it's all about where I find inspiration first!

Photo Credit: 39 Photography

Who are your main customers?
It's mostly for formal events like galas and parties and proms. I do a lot of night-on-the-town make-up jobs, which are the most fun!

What information from your customers helps you best envision what they are looking for?
I like to do an assessment before the actual make-up application, of skin tone, eye color, what they're wearing for the event, what make-up they normally wear; this lets me know what colors to use and how I can make them feel comfortable (if I know they wear little make-up on a regular basis, I will use less products, and if they are no stranger to make-up, I know I can use a few more products or try different things).

What is your typical day like?
Being a student, and only 19 years old, my life doesn't revolve around the business just yet, but I hope to be there soon! Lately it's been all about school, and when I get time, I check out the counters at the drugstore and Sephora to snatch up any cool new products. To test out the products, I usually use my best friends Emma or Natalie as a canvas (they are absolutely beautiful to begin with, so it's an added bonus for me!). I hope that my customer base will grow and I can devote more and more time to my customers, because this is what I love to do!

What are your five must-have products?
Gosh primer, bareMinerals bronzer, Joe Fresh Beauty blush sticks, Revlon Beyond Natural mascara, Revlon eyelash curler (just the basic one).

What has your business helped you do that you couldn't/didn't before?
I've learned so many new things about how to advertise, who to know, what to do, not to mention I've met some great new people! Just a few weeks ago I was doing make-up for friends of mine, Lauren and Jess (plenty of pictures of them on my website, absolute stunners!), and I was working alongside a hairstylist from one of the best hair styling places in British Columbia, blo blowdry bar! That was a really fun time, and I think I may see how the fashion scene is out in British Columbia soon! It's been a great experience so far, and I'm definitely looking forward to my business growing!
What is the most difficult part of running your business?
Starting up is hard, and a little disheartening when the client base isn't that large. But, now that I think about it, it only makes me work harder on my clients, because I can take my time, and do the best job possible, knowing I don't have to rush around going from client to client.

What is the most rewarding part of running your business?
Seeing customers be truly happy with the product...I can tell if they don't like it, I've looked at their face for the past hour, so I'll know if they really do like it! That's the best part of it, for sure. Also, I'm a really social person, so I love talking and getting to know the people I'm making up as I'm going along. It's really interesting to hear about, for example, how they got into modelling, what their event is about, etc. I love everything about my job!

You can visit the makeupbyjill website here. Jill is based out of Brampton/Toronto but can travel so please inquire!

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