Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two-four birthday pics

Hi y'all. I've been MIA for a few days, been really busy and actually I'm getting a lot of business lately so that's definitely a good thing. I thought I would share some of the details from the boy's birthday party as I had promised.

I'm not sure how it is around the rest of the world, but here in Canada we call a case of 24 beers a two-four. Since the boy turned 24, I made the theme of his party beer! I made a banner with red beer cups at either end and some rugged looking string/twine holding up card stock circles proclaiming 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN'. I cut the circles out of 5 different colours of card stock and glued on the letters that I had printed off my computer. I downloaded the font from 1001 Free Fonts. I put a little silver glitter embellishment on each letter.

I also crafted a smaller sign that was simply a square of card stock with the words 'two-four' in the same font and glitter embellishment with a red beer cup angled off the top of the page.

I had red and blue beer cups placed on the tables as well with favours and snacks in them. Since it was just a small party, I had four cups, two for snacks and two for favours/noisemakers. On the cups for snacks, I used some sticker letters with a similar font to the one on my sign and banner and spelled the word 'taste'. In one cup I put some red licorice and gourmet lollipops and in the other I put some pepperettes [pepperoni sticks] and pretzel sticks. I wanted to go with flavours that would compliment beer.

On the cups with the favours, I spelled out the word 'noise' with the sticker letters and put some blowouts with metallic streamers, hand-clappers and tin noisemakers. We were in a restaurant so I didn't get anything too loud.

On top of the tables, I sprinkled dozens of beer caps down the centre. They were from all different kinds of beer and really brought the theme together. I don't have any pictures of those, but I'm sure you can visualise what a table littered with tons of shiny beer caps looks like!

The dinner was a really fun time, you can't really go wrong with beer, pizza, friends and sports on 3 different TVs, especially if it's your birthday!! The boy said he had a great night and that's all that mattered to me.

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