Friday, March 27, 2009

springtime flowers

Photo Credit: The Nest

buying flowers in season is nothing new. it's the best way to ensure the most bang for your buck and the freshest blooms. here are a bunch [no pun intended!] of vibrant springtime beauties to use in your d├ęcor, some standard and some quite unique. read on for a few more flower ideas from the nest and some suggestions on how to incorporate them into your spring table design.

the grape hyacinth pictured above is a fun, sweet-smelling flower. this bulb would look gorgeous as a single stem or two in a tall clear vase. place the vases down the centre of your table [about 3-4 of them]. they can also be used as a fresh party favour for your guests. set each favour on their plate.

Photo Credit: The Nest

Tweedia [above] is a little star-shaped blossom often used as a delicate accent flower in bouquets and boutonnieres. it would be a beautiful accent to your spring table as a scattering of pretty blue down the centre and around your place settings. pull the blossom off the stem and sprinkle over your table as desired; generously or sparingly scattered both look wonderful.

Photo Credit: The Nest

the Anemone is a flower of many vibrant and uplifting colours, red, pink, purple, magenta. anemones would look beautiful as a bunch of 6-8 stuck into a medium height clear vase, perhaps with some smooth dark pebbles in the bottom with water. fill the gap between the heads of the flowers and the rim of the vase with some lush green hydrangea.

what are some of your favourite spring flowers? how do you incorporate them into your springtime table settings?

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