Monday, February 1, 2010

Etsy Monday: CozzyCottage Placemats

I found this sweet cupcake placemat set by CozzyCottage on Etsy today and it immediately set my mind to work thinking of all the awesome party ideas that could go along with these little beauties.
Photo Credit: CozzyCottage

A little girl's baking party with a placemat acting as a work station for each girl as they decorate their cupcakes. CozzyCottage also makes beautiful aprons, one design that even matches these placemats and would be a good match for such a baking party! They would also be perfect as decor for a fun Valentine's Day bash! Or, try them out for a mis-matched pajama party.

Photo Credit: CozzyCottage

Of course, they would also just be great as placemats that you bring out for annual birthday celebrations!
What do you think of these adorable designs? Do you have any handmade placemats or placemats you like to use as multi-holiday decor?

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