Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Spring wedding trends: invitations

Photo Credit: Cynthia

According to my newsletter from The Knot, here are some trendy but classic ideas for your wedding invitations:

Vintage Flair
When it comes to invitation design, think Parisian soap label art, Givenchy couture, and swirl or damask patterns. To extend the design's shelf life, give your cake baker a copy of your invitation and ask him or her to decorate the cake using a similar design.

Modern Monograms
Monograms are becoming more thematic via stylistic elements, like elaborate ampersands. Rather than a simple font, consider using intertwined initials for an updated look.

Couture Envelopes
Invitation envelopes are your guests' first glimpse at your wedding style, so don't skimp on them. Beautiful liners in coordinating colors and patterns make this otherwise ordinary packaging a memorable wedding detail.

Says Cynthia from Bella Figura, here are some more trends from the wedding stationery front.

  • Embellishments
  • Bold colours
  • Jewel Tones
  • Green
  • Nautical combinations
Hope that's enough to get you inspired for now!

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